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Need Home Storage Solutions? It's Hiding In Your Walls

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For this week’s blog I thought I would share with you some of my “Waugh's Helpful Hints Finds” that I have been collecting on my Pinterest Board by that name. Please feel free to re-Pin and make comments.

Let’s start with Storage Ideas – Who can’t use more storage to make all our stuff neat and tidy and find-able!

Look around your bathroom or kitchen, do you have a totally blank wall? Then you have storage space. We purchased a house a years back, and we remodeled it. The kitchen was large but the pantry was small. But I had a lot of wall space so I had my cabinet man to make custom cabinet doors floor to ceiling, he then cut away the Sheetrock covering the framing in the walls and added shelving. There was enough room to hold cans of veggies, stock, etc.


How many of you have their broom and mops hanging on the back door or in the garage. Me, Me. What at great in framing idea is this one!


Let's talk about the bathroom. Where do you keep you toilet brush and cleanser? Hidden (or almost hidden) behind the toilet? In the limited space under the bathroom sink? Maybe the utility room.  Why not create an extra between frame storage cabinet near the toilet for the toilet brush, cleansers as well as extra T- paper.


Storage Idea for Shower - Keep Shampoo and other bath accessories handy with this build in frame tiled storage self.


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