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Check Good And Bad Factors Of Online Shopping

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1. Online Shopping comes with many benefits.

It gives you the ability to buy pretty much anything you want from the comfort of your own home. Is this not terrific! However it can get out of hand pretty quick by overspending and maxing out your credit limit is one of the more common pitfalls – but it might not even be the worst. Shopping online can also jeopardize your identity.

2. Should You Save Your Personal Information

So you finished shopping, reviewed your order given them the shipping and billing information and credit card info., Now you’re asked if you would like to save this information for your next order? YES or NO. Well saving it for another one of those online shop-a-thons would certainly be convenience, please know there are risks associated with saving your personal account information – don’t jeopardize your identity.

3. Shop Around

Use online available comparison shopping (Google It) compare price of the item you are wanting to buy. Also be sure and read the return policy of each company you compare, what are there shipping rates? I prefer shopping with smaller shops instead of mega stores (just cause). Share the love.

4.Yes Another Security Measure Be careful Using Public Wi-Fi

Seems relaxing setting in the café or park bench maybe placing a few orders for an upcoming event. Go ahead shop away, but don’t enter payment information at this time, please be careful! Information sent via insecure or public connections (public Wi-Fi) can be easily compromised by hackers. So wait until you’re home or on a private network before adding your credit card information.

Found this on Woman Day’s Magazine thought you might enjoy it.

Woman Bought Bargain Chairs Online, Was Shocked At What She Received Instead


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