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Fine Art by Ed Waugh

Ed Waugh is a Florida based Artist. In his childhood, he couldn’t stay away from the Bays and Gulf of the Destin, Niceville, Fort Walton Beach areas. His Parents thought he may have had a little fish in his blood. Later in his mid-teen years, he lived in Flagler Beach on the East Coast of Florida. He loved Surfing and Art. At that time, he used watercolor and graphite for his Art. He now lives back in the Destin, Niceville Florida area, where he has enjoyed surfing, but he now paints with Acrylic and sometimes Oil. As you can imagine, his love of water and the beauty of Florida are often reflected in his art.

Ed is what many refer to as a self-taught artist, but he has sought out some of the finest artists of old and new to learn the many aspects involved in Fine Art. He paints in a realistic, semi-realistic style, but he often uses his Artistic License to combine several scenes from real life or photographs to achieve a pleasing composition. This same artistic composition technique has won him over 20 Awards in Designing Custom Homes through-out his life.

Ed feels his expressive paintings stir positive emotions and bring life to every room they hang in.