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Fine Art by Ed Waugh

Ed Waugh is a Florida based oil painting artist with experience in watercolor, acrylic and graphite. His goal is to produce art that expresses and stirs positive emotions.

He spent most of his life designing and building Custom Homes. His designs have won over 20 awards, most due to his creative use of Architectural Design Elements.

As a self-taught artist, Ed has been diligently fast tracking his art career since 2016, with an abundance of practice and study of mediums, color theory, composition, balance, contrast, values, atmosphere, etc. In 2018 he was approved to be in the Juried Mattie Kelly Art Foundation Festival – one of the most prestigious Art Shows in the State of Florida. Since then he has continued to receive invitations to show in that Art Show and other Juried shows.

Ed’s main artistic goal is to express and stir positive emotion with his art, whether it’s the graceful pose of an exotic bird, the striking colors of a sunset, an individual’s unique personality emitting from the face of a portrait, or the striking or subtle use of colors, movement and motion in an intriguing abstract painting. The influence of Ed’s many years of surfing, often shows up as water or waves in his paintings.

He feels his expressive paintings bring life and positive emotion to every home or office they hang in.