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Pictures Compliment Your Home Decor & Interior

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Pictures are a great way to enhance your home decor.  People seem to be drawn to them or it just gives visitors something to look at and talk about. In this article I will give you a few ideas on how to choose your pictures for your home.

Whether it's a nature landscape picture, floral painting, or abstract art, etc. try and pick a picture that has the colors you are using in the room decor. Kinda like they do in Hotel rooms, ever notice the picture hanging over the beds?  You probably don't remember what the actual picture was, but as for my self I always notice the colors go with the room color theme thus adding an interesting element to the walls.  Just saying in this instance that it's the color that counts not what the picture is about.

Now if you have a special piece of art work you may want to design your room theme around it. Choose your wall paint color to work a a back drop for your picture, don't let the wall color say much keep it neutral - soft white, etc.  If it is a matted framed picture try and work the matting colors and your accents colors to complement each other. 

Now if you have special piece of art work hang it in a prominent place and let it be the focal point of the room, yes let it shine it will make it's on decor statement along with the room'€™s decor.

So enjoy your pictures/art work they usually all work together.

Margie Waugh waughinteriordesigns.com

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