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Mixing Furniture and Decor Styles In Modern Home Interiors

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Your Decor Style is determined by the furniture and accessories you choose for your home. True, there are some preset styles such as Contemporary, Coastal Style, Traditional, Shabby Chic, etc., however today styles are more of a mixture of styles. The decorating rule that everything has to match is OUT. But you need some type of guidelines to go by or you will end up with a jumbled mess.

So how do you mix your furniture style and accessories to create the decor style you want? Let'€™s take a look at a few different distinct furniture styles and how to mix another style furniture with it to create your own special decor design.

1. Contemporary -€“ this decor style is really becoming popular in today'€™s home decor. It often has clean, sleek lines and solid colors, furniture and accessories are usually neutrals with maybe a little of a bold color accents. Contemporary Furniture is sleek, lower to the floor and with mostly metal curved frames or straight legs. Art work usually has graphic elements to it, black and white canvas art works well.

2. The Mix -€“ so you have a room with a contemporary decor, your furniture has clean sleek lines mostly white and you are using a little soft Merlot color in your accent pillows on the sofa. Sounds perfect doesn'€™t it? Oh but your great grandmother left you a gorgeous mahogany leather top desk with ball and claw feet with gold accents (very Traditional)€“ how can you fit this in with your contemporary furniture? Easy€“ you could add bookends that have a contemporary feel or vase, etc. to the desk top. Then put a contemporary chair that has fabric in your accent color on it next to the desk and add art work. A nice Abstract would look good on the wall that also includes a touch of your accent color. This will pull the desk into your decor and allow the desk to make a great focal point.

3 Traditional - wood finishes are typically dark, cherry and mahogany. The furniture is usually heavy, with curved legs interesting feet. Fabrics on furniture can include brocade, chintz, damask, jacquard and leather.

Traditional style furniture is very versatile, making it easy to mix other design style with it. Let's say you have a large traditional dining room suite and you move to the beach (nice idea). Now you want a more Coastal Style decor in your home. No problem! Paint the dining room walls a pretty shrimp color and put a turquoise bowl or a large clam shell dish on the table. If the dining chairs are upholstered in a dark fabric, just lighten them up with a neutral colored fabric. For window treatments just use€ Plantation shutters and you are good to go.

These are just a few ideas to get you started with your decor style. Just have fun and enjoy your home and the decor you create.

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Enjoy your decor!

Margie Waugh

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