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Have A Look At The Canvas Art Beyond The Frame

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This article I read states " Maki Ohkojima specializes in what she calls "the mural beyond the frame," referring to her tendency to create sprawling paintings that spill off the canvas and onto the walls around it. Unconfined by conventional frames, her artworks often stretch over entire walls, becoming floor-to-ceiling murals that burst with intricate details and vivid energy."


Just imagine how great this would be in your den, dining room or a baby's nursery. One could take a nursery rhyme canvas and have Maki or another artist stretch it out on the surrounding wall.

Love, Love, Love this idea of taking a canvas art piece and making it the focal point of your room.

One could take a canvas or print and have it enlarged and use it as a wall mural. Just Google - "where can I have a picture enlarged"  for suggested business that do picture and canvas enlargement.

Hope you have enjoyed these few ideas on how a Canvas can be use in your home or office decor on a grand scale.

Margie Waughwaughinteriordesigns.com

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