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Home Decor Accessories Are Jewelry For Your Home

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I love looking through magazines or web sites of beautiful home decors. It interesting to see the wide variety of accessories that are used to enhance a room. And yes the accessories you choose for your home is like Jewelry you choose for an outfit you are going to wear. The jewelry can make or break the look you are trying to achieve just so with choosing accessories for your home decor. 

I enjoy helping people accessories their rooms in their homes to achieve the ambiance that they are looking for. I think one of the most important things in adding accessories is not over doing them, doing so will make the room feel small and cluttered.  An example of this would be a great room with bookshelves on either side of a fireplace. I have seen rooms where is looks like someone is starting a bookstore. You don'€™t have to have books on every shelf, you could go book-less. Try using a grouping of framed prints of family and pets on a shelf or a Decorative bowls or Vase. Remember to make the size of your items appropriate for the space. You don'€™t have to fill up the shelves-€“ give it some space to breath.

Another problem with having a lot of stuff on your shelves is somebody gotta dust them, Ugh. Clean lines in a room give an open effect this is where a few dramatic accessories is better. Suggestion would be a large abstract picture over a sofa, large silk tree potted in a gorgeous fishbowl then add a few throw pillows in your rooms accent color.

Have you thought about using a faux fur throw as an accessory for your room, lovely idea? Just drape a large faux mink, leopard, etc. throw over a chair or sofa and you got a real WOW factor. And they are so cozy too. 

Picture from Fabulous Furs

Ya know when you walk into an interior design store and they have these gorgeous console tables and chests just loaded from one end to the other with accessories - lamps, bowls, boxes, candle holders, picture frames. €“ Don'€™t do this at home! These accessories are on display to sell. Two buffet lamps and nice decorative bowl or floral arrangement is all that is needed, complete the look with a large framed mirror.

Accessorizing your home correctly will enhance your home decor and your will have fun shopping for the accessories. I look for pieces that grab me, its like when I see it I know that this is the perfect piece for that spot I am thinking about. 

Enjoy You Home Decor! 

Margie Waugh www.waughinteriordesigns.com

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