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Get Your Backyard Ready For Your Next BBQ

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Get your backyard or patio ready for your next party or BBQ.

Are you ready for for some BBQ Chicken? I am!


Want to make you on BBQ sauce - From the Yummy Lift


Add this beautiful 6 pcs. set from Wayfair.

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Need Extra Storage? It's Hiding In Your Walls

For this week’s blog I thought I would share with you some of my “Waugh's Helpful Hints Finds” that I have been collecting on my Pinterest Board by that name. Please feel free to re-Pin and make comments.Let’s start with Storage Ideas – Who can’t use more storage to make all our stuff neat and tidy and find-able!Look around [...]

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What is the best way to peel garlic?

Join NewsletterI use a lot of garlic in the foods I cook, love to roast it and mix in salads or put it on toast, meat, etc. Soooo I wanted to find the best way to peel my garlic.The way I do/or did it - Normally I put a clove of garlic on my cutting board and then [...]

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Waugh Interior Designs Has A New Look!

Hi y’all,Been awhile since I posted. I have had a terrible time with my computer lately. It crashed about a month ago. Windows had to be reinstalled twice causing me to lose ALL my files, my documents, my pictures as well as all my contacts. Ugh! I hope I can get these back from my Norton Back [...]

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Accessories are Jewelry for Your Home

I love looking through magazines or web sites of beautiful home decors. It interesting to see the wide variety of accessories that are used to enhance a room. And yes the accessories you choose for your home is like Jewelry you choose for an outfit you are going to wear. The jewelry can make or [...]

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Adding an Accent Chairs to Your Present Decor

In the picture notice all chairs, sofas are of same style and color. By adding an accent chair with a patterned fabric and coordinating color will certainly add interest to the room'€™s decor. Animal Print is so popular now and the animal print wing back chair would be the perfect accent chair for this room. [...]

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Canvas Art beyond The Frame

This article I read states " Maki Ohkojima specializes in what she calls "the mural beyond the frame," referring to her tendency to create sprawling paintings that spill off the canvas and onto the walls around it. Unconfined by conventional frames, her artworks often stretch over entire walls, becoming floor-to-ceiling murals that burst with intricate [...]

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Pictures Compliment Your Home Decor

Pictures are a great way to enhance your home decor.  People seem to be drawn to them or it just gives visitors something to look at and talk about. In this article I will give you a few ideas on how to choose your pictures for your home.Whether it's a nature landscape picture, floral painting, [...]

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Mixing Furniture and Decor Styles In Modern Home Interiors

Your Decor Style is determined by the furniture and accessories you choose for your home. True, there are some preset styles such as Contemporary, Coastal Style, Traditional, Shabby Chic, etc., however today styles are more of a mixture of styles. The decorating rule that everything has to match is OUT. But you need some type [...]

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Table - Using Accent Tables to Enhance Your Home Decor

Looking to give your home decor an update look without going out and buying a whole lot of furniture? Use the suggestions in today's blog to give your home decor a fresh look. Change It Up - Try changing out your current end or sofa Tables. Put a unique table lamp or lamps on them. Extra Dining - [...]

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